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If you feel u may have depression, talk with your health care provider.

There are effective treatments, including antidepressants & talk therapy.

#NIMHchats A2: Some signs of depression can occur in teens who are not depressed, such as moodiness and change in sleeping.

But when seen together, nearly every day, they are red flags for depression.

#NIMHchats A2: If you’re always feeling tired or restless; have trouble concentrating, remembering information, or making decisions; or have aches, pains, or stomach problems without a clear cause, these could also be signs of depression.#NIMHchats include: brain chemicals – too much or too little of certain chemicals can cause depression; family history - life events – death or divorce, etc.; or, some medications have negative side effects that cause depression.#NIMHchats A4: Talk therapy, can help you understand and manage your feelings.#NIMHchats A1: But if you’ve been overwhelmingly sad for a long time (a couple of weeks to months) and the things you usually enjoy no longer bring you much satisfaction, you may want to talk to a trusted adult.It could be you’re having an episode of depression.

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