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John de la Rosa, who studies the self-improvement industry at Market Data Enterprises, says it's no surprise Silverman's business grew out of the recession."Well, in a weak economy where there aren’t that many good jobs to be had, things like personal coaching become an attractive job option," says de la Rosa.Jon Hage heads the for-profit charter school management company, Charter Schools USA (CSUSA), based in Fort Lauderdale.

He served in the United States Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves as a commissioned officer in the Special Forces (Green Berets). Up until 2012, there was only one microbrewery in South Florida.The top tier of coaches can turn it into a six-figure gig.The super-top get a reality show, like Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Very often, it’s about getting the gig and doing it well.Years ago, Stanger worked for a matchmaking company in South Florida. CEOs and high potential leaders often receive coaching, bought and paid for by their corporations.Martin Echavarria left a corporate job to run his own consulting business, Coherence360.

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