Wireless network validating identity firewalled

Also you may have bad internet connection your self.Try using utility from the wireless adapter manufacture. You'll still have to enter your password for your wireless network to get connected. Clear the box for "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network." Click OK to exit. This seems to be a common problem w/XP and wifi, especially is you're using WEP.Usually try and disable any manufactures wireless utility and use the one that is provided with Windows.The one from the manufacturer can sometimes interfere with the windows one. Many times you can log into the router from a wired connection and view the SSID and password.

Worse, you might lose your connection entirely in some parts of your home. I ping a lot just to find out if I have a working internet connection. If you don't know open to open a command prompt, see below at 1.

Also there are always two options to manage wireless cards.

By default windows wireless zero does not have access to the wireless adapter.

In order to make sure your copy is legitamate one must validate it by visiting microsoft's website or calling their hotline.

Well, if you know the password windows should remember it so it can be logged in to the network at all times.

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