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Wyclif Independent Christian School (WICS) is a day school providing high quality education with a Christian emphasis.WICS began in 1982 with just seven pupils, aged 4-11.In 2018 he announced he is dating Kasi Williams Morstad, the sister of country music singer Jason Aldean.He then began to hone his songwriting skills, penning more than one hundred songs per year at one point, and one of his songs, "Lead Me On", was recorded by Steve Holy on his 2006 album Brand New Girlfriend.

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Although neither Joe or Rosie have confirmed the relationship on their social media channels, he also said before they starting dating that he hoped any future girlfriend would be into fitness, adding: " Like this? "Saturday Afternoon" was the second single issued to country radio in September 2014, but did not chart.Wicks' first album for Blaster, Turning Point, was released on February 26, 2016.To keep up to date on upcoming meetings and other events, feel free to join the Facebook page or view the department events here.While the world knows almost everything there is to know about The Body Coach's fitness and nutrition routine, Joe Wicks manages to keep his private life out of the public eye.

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