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She met the filmmaker whilst they both worked on the cult wine country film Sideways.

They were in a relationship for a total of five years, marrying in January 2003, having dated for three years before this.

Pictures of the two surfaced whilst Ms Oh was filming the second series of Killing Eve in Rome.

The images showed Ms Oh with her arms around Mr Ruhkin’s neck, fully engaged in what appears to be a passionate kiss.

Although neither party has confirmed the relationship, Mr Rukhin does add promotional photos of Ms Oh, such as magazine cover shoots and bus adverts for Killing Eve, into his candid street shots.

from 2005 to 2014, and while she continues to boldly grab on to challenging on-screen roles, she manages to keep her off-screen life incredibly private, especially her relationships.

Canadian actress, Sandra Oh knows all about life's ups and downs for the actress' personal life has nothing but a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs.Sandra believed she found the love of her life on 1 January 2003 when she got married to her director husband Alexander Payne.However, it seems destiny had other ideas, as the duo who worked together in the Oscar-winning movie Post her long and heart-wrenching divorce with her former husband Payne, Sandra found comfort in the arms of musician Andrew Featherston.Ms Oh told Marie Claire: “I don’t listen to this stuff.I don’t see it.“I tell my people I don’t want to know about it, because while rationally you might know it’s ridiculous, it can hurt your feelings.

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