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Enough of a disparity in quality remains at the World Cup that the United States is expected to waltz through the group stage, but the talent gap has narrowed enough that the Americans no longer can expect to waltz into the semifinals.The veteran defender Becky Sauerbrunn, who anchors the back line just in front of Naeher, said she was confident that Naeher’s performance, and attitude, were peaking at the right time.“What I’ve seen, probably within the last few months, is just this, for lack of a better term, badassery, where she’s just owning it now,” Sauerbrunn said. “You can play the what-if game round and round and round.But the more I can avoid that, the better off I am.”Naeher’s chance came, finally, when Solo was suspended from the national team in 2016 for what was portrayed at the time as an accumulation of transgressions, most notably some explosive comments in the wake of the Americans’ loss to Sweden in the Olympic quarterfinals.

“If I would have retired without a World Cup trophy, I think I never would have been able to settle into my new lifestyle. Solo also filed a lawsuit against the federation in 2018 citing discrimination under the Equal Pay Act.Dambach said she watched Naeher do just that over and over during their time together at Penn State.“The game would be over and I would think, ‘Alyssa pulled out two game-winning saves for us,’ and I feel like that was the case week in and week out,” Dambach said.“And then the next day, she’d come in, quiet, unassuming, and get back to work.”In that way, Naeher operates at a different volume than her predecessor.And Naeher is not particularly interested in engaging with any of it.“I compare myself to who I was yesterday and try to be better each day,” Naeher said. But the nature of the position — there can be only one — and Solo’s long, dominant tenure meant Naeher never really had that chance. Naeher, 31, has been awaiting this opportunity for years.She grew up in Connecticut, playing alongside and against her twin sister, Amanda, who was a striker and therefore an ideal practice partner.

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