Who is eminem currently dating

She starred alongside Eminem in the hit movie, and it was speculated they dated for a brief period after that.Also, Tracy Mc News had been rumored to be dating Eminem since 2008 but the rapper’s rep said she was just part of his management team."I'mma tell you something about Nicki that she don't even know," he continues in the clip."We go together." Minaj wrote in the caption: "The sound of him screaming my name just completely confirmed.I'm extremely & utterly afraid of Slim Shady," followed by a crying face emoji. "If he say we go together then bitch, we go togeva [sic]." The hip hop stars have been seemingly joking about their potential romance since Minaj name-dropped Eminem in a verse of her new song 'Big Bank', claiming to have "bagged an 'Em'".Apparently it was love at first sight, and that same year she moved in with the rapper after running away from home.It was all fun and games until 1995, when Kim discovered she was pregnant, in a bid to provide for his child Eminem doubled down on work.

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Sometime in 2000, the star was allegedly dating the former Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell.

While Minaj went as far as confirming that Eminem is her new man on Instagram, the relationship may not be as clear cut as all that.

Apparently, the two famed rappers are not exactly on the same page.

Well that was not the case as they remarried in January, 2006 but by April that year it was over for good. See also: Jennifer Lawrence Dating History, Boyfriend, Husband, Brothers Now that we know the rapper’s marital status, the next order of business is to find out if he’s currently hooking up with anyone.

The one connection they share these days is their daughter, Hailie, but we won’t be surprised if they got back together, stranger things have happened. Well, there’s no news out there on a current girlfriend, but here are a few ladies that have been in the star’s life.

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