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They shave well, but no more so than many other unheralded razors.I have nothing bad to say about the W&B razors, but I don't reach for these any more than I reach for some unbranded razors.Restored by Bill Ellis B) 8/8" For Barbers Use wedge C) 7/8" hollow ground Old English Razor D) 7/8" Old Army wedge These are all decent shavers, and I especially like the 7/8" hollow ground one.It was the first razor I ever honed on a coticule, and I love the edge it took. I have a few in my collection, but they're not standouts.I would appreciate any further info you might have on the knife. I've also used Google and can't find anything definative.Greg Wade and Butcher was a tradename of the W & S Butcher Co.

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Will Nice collection/photos I recently was lent one for a few days, it was a big/heavy 7/8" Wedge, and it was awesome to shave with.

Brothers William & Samuel Butcher started the company in Sheffield in the 1820s.

Not too long after they had a partner named Robert Wade who was the New York based importer of W & S Butcher knifes for the US.

Like you I find them quite unremarkable, I've owned a few and restored quite a few, but I sold the ones I've owned I much prefer other makes to be honest, I think the big choppers are a kind of fashion statement or a extension of your Manhood, look mine it's so much bigger than yours.

Jamie I love the crazy prices people are willing to pay for them, but other than that, find them completely bland and boring.

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