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Look back on adventures you went on, your first date, the first time you said “I love you”, your wedding day, etc.Thinking about the special moments you’ve shared also brings up those special feelings.The couple is in a stage of pure bliss making it effortless to be open, attentive, and sexually active.However, once the attachment is established and the novelty of it all has dissipated, that’s when it’s imperative to do and say things to keep the momentum going.Continue the ritual of kissing one another goodbye and embracing each other when you reunite, sending a thoughtful message midday, making reservations, expressing what you love about one another, etc.Falling in love might be out of your control but staying in love requires work. We all have a schedule we like to adhere to but when life becomes monotonous, so too does your perception of your relationship.

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They want the romance, the unfamiliar other, the newness of the relationship, the anticipation of the sex, and all the other undiscovered elements that come along with a nascent relationship.Exiting the honeymoon stage means love is now a verb.Each person needs to consciously take action when (or ideally before) they go from fire to ember.Over time, they begin to appreciate the comfort of being able to show up as their authentic, true selves.They enter a new chapter, trading in candlelight and romance for sweats and Netflix.

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