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If you haven't already, check out Alex Berman's You Tube channel where he shares all of his best strategies.Finally, make sure to comment on the video letting me know what you think of Alex's tips.At Sere, Ethan first wanted to build a tool to automate keyword analysis for PPC campaigns he was running for clients.

His clientele includes multiple fortune 500 companies.

Subscribe for more - Fh In this episode I speak with Ethan Lyon.

He is a marketer turned data engineer who created his own path into this career field.

In each episode I interview someone who has created their own career.

The common thread through out the interviews is that my guests have figured out how to have time, location and income independence. Many of my guests are internet entrepreneurs who are doing really well physically, mentally, emotionally ect... In this video I interview Tiago Forte of Forte Labs.

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