Validating xml with xsd in net

What I have tried: Visual Studio still isn't giving up any useful debugging or editing information.

I tried both 20 (I've done it before in 2008 I thought) Update: I had another developer try this and it failed for him too.

So, that was one of the easiest ways to validate XML file. She is familiar with Object Oriented Programming Paradigms and also has a great interest in relational database technologies.

Her hobbies include reading novels and listening music.

Similarly, while reading Xml file, settings is also path.

When the read Xml file is loaded to the Xml Document, the Xml Reader object is passed which contain the Xml Reader Settings as well.

I have an XML document and a directory full of XSD's that define it.

It could be my lack of sleep, but I suspect gremlins.As the name suggests, XML Schema describes the structure of XML just like DTD.To check if your XML file is a “valid” and “well-formed” XML then we need to validate it against its schema file i.e, its XSD. Process Schema Location; Xml Reader XMLvalidator = Xml Reader.We have the basic Home controller, with Index Action Result method.

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