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Statistics show that most sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows.It could be a student from another country, a local you’ve met in a nightclub, coffee shop or library, or a member of the host family with whom you are staying.Upon arrival in your host country, be sure to register with the nearest U. You can find country specific information sheets, public announcements and travel warnings on the U. Safety Tips for Women The following is a list of safety tips for women (and men) everywhere: Below you will also find a letter from the Director of Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services about services available to you.Sexual Assault Risk Reduction The following is an outline of steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of sexual assault while overseas. Ninety-nine percent of perpetrators are male regardless of the victim’s gender.In some cultures, a woman going out in public unescorted by a male could be imagined as a sign she is seeking unsolicited attention.Before you go abroad to study in a foreign country you should familiarize yourself with the local customs surrounding male/female relations.

If a brewing or ongoing situation becomes increasingly dangerous, follow the instructions of the resident program director. The country specific information sheet for your country is the absolute minimum information you should have before traveling abroad. You should also follow the US State Department Facebook, Twitter & Students Abroad pages to receive alerts and helpful travel information.Among such accidents, many occur while riding on motorcycles or walking across the street.Pedestrians often do not have the right-of-way in many countries, and traffic may flow in the opposite direction than expected.In the case of a security emergency such as civil unrest, attempted coups or acts of terrorism, International SOS can provide political evacuations, emergency and contingency plans, crisis centers and referrals.The International SOS website is a great resource for general travel security information and region-specific information.

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