Updating unlocked iphone to 2 2

What if you’re perfectly content using the network you’ve been using for years and are just upgrading to a new device?

Should you still bother with unlocking your i Phone? If you ever plan on selling your old i Phone you’ll almost always get more money for it if the i Phone is already unlocked.

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In summation, if you have a Verizon i Phone that’s more than a few months old it should be unlocked.

Unlocking makes it as simple as popping in and out a SIM card to switch between these networks.

But what if you have no desire to switch between networks?

-For pre-paid T-Mobile plans your i Phone must have been active on the associated account for 1 year or have had 0 in refills since the first activation date if it’s been active for less than 1 year.

Your Sprint i Phone is eligible to be unlocked if it meets all of the following requirements: -Your i Phone must not be reported as lost or stolen.

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