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Win TV-PVR MCE Kits are also available and compatible.The Kits include the Microsoft IR Blaster remote control.Media Center does not offer you the ability to capture from the external inputs using a VCR or a camcorder unless you trick it by telling it that you are attaching a satellite receiver or a cable box to the external input at which point the tuner is then disabled.After capturing from your VCR you would then need to set up the tuner again in Media Center in order to use it.The Platinum Pro Plugin ECU has been around for over a decade and still offer great value for money.But with the Elite Series there is a newer, better alternative but does that make the Platinum Pro obsolete? Haltech has been involved with WTAC since day one, both as a sponsor, exhibitor and as an active supporter of all competitors.

This is apparently an issue within Media Center, which you should be able to solve by going to start/set program access and defaults.

NOTE: If Win TV v7 is currently installed and operating, the Win TV Windows Media Center driver is already installed and therefore you do not need to run this installer.

For Windows Media Center setup information, see the instructions at the bottom of this page "Setting up your TV tuner in Windows 7 Media Center".

But if you are building a new PC, Microsoft requires an approved DVD decoder to be installed on any MCE system with a TV tuner in order to view TV.

A Microsoft approved graphics card with the latest graphics drivers is also required.

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