Updating pirated programs start dating a fwb

Right now, Microsoft is more focused in fixing comparability issues of Windows 10 across the different types of hardware’s.As per by belief, until Microsoft starts pitching Windows 10 services to users, there is no point to worry about using any kind of Software or Games.Now such reasons makes sense when Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a upgrade to users who’re already using pirated copies of Windows 7 or Windows 8.Those people can upgrade their computer to Windows 10 too, the only difference is that the OS shall keep reminding the users that it’s not a genuine copy.While Microsoft's plan might seem like letting software pirates go free, studies have found that in a lot of cases pirated Windows licenses are installed on new machines without customers even knowing they have an illegal copy.Microsoft has tried various methods to encourage those customers to return their machines or seek out a legal copy, but it’s headache and a bad experience of Windows itself if that’s the first thing you have to deal with in certain regions.

"Anyone with a qualified device can upgrade to Windows 10, including those with pirated copies of Windows," says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge.

Now Windows 10 has the power of checking automatically the version of your software’s and download updates for them or even making configuration changes without requiring any user intervention.

And these configuration changes can include preventing you from accessing some services, playing counterfeit games and even using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

Do you know why Microsoft don’t allow stopping automatic updates in Windows 10?

It’s just because that could hamper the way Windows 10 is designed.

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