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If you're using extra PHP packages that aren't part of the standard Cent OS repositories (like php-mcrypt) you'll have to remove them or find updated versions of them.First thing we need to do is add the development repositories to yum.To install, first you must add the Webtatic EL yum repository information corresponding to your Cent OS/RHEL version to yum: Cent OS/RHEL 7.x: See the package list below for additional SAPIs and PHP extensions.This will install the mod_php SAPI for PHP, however there are other sapis such as php-fpm (via php56w-fpm package).The default that comes with the PHP package turns this off by default, but if you are upgrading from an existing installation, your may not be updated, meaning this will likely be turned on.

making sure any CPanel-like software can run after the upgrade. Since I run Interbaseon the server, I need to recompile the php with Interbase.The only php I have found is 4.4 which I have downloaded and untarred as well asconfiguring it with Interbase, doing the make and make install. It is not thread-safe, but doesn’t need to be due to prefork not using threads.It’s located at /usr/lib[64]/httpd/modules/libphp7Contained in the php56w-fpm package, fpm (Fast CGI Process Manager) is a scalable Fast CGI process, which acts similar to how Httpd prefork mpm works managing it’s forks.

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