Updating netapp firmware Livesex camera

On each storage system, enter the download -d command in priv set advanced mode. When prompted to halt the node rather than wait, enter Yes. At the boot prompt, enter the following command to reset the system: Bye 9.Display the prompt again at the system A console completing one of the following procedures:• Press Ctrl-C at the system A console when instructed after the boot sequence starts.• When the "Waiting for giveback" message appears at the console of system A, press Ctrl-C at the system A console.For virtualized deployments, Net App recommends working with your hypervisor and cloud platform vendors to ensure that your Net App product is running on a secure and patched platform.

This advisory is posted at the following link: https://security.netapp.com/advisory/NTAP-20190515-0002 This document is provided solely for informational purposes.

Go to the NOW site and locate the most recent system firmware available for your storage system.

If the latest firmware version on the NOW site is Later than either the installed firmware or the firmware on the boot device, then Copy the system firmware files to your storage system.

Note: Service Processor firmware is currently separate from the Data ONTAP software upgrade package - in future versions of Data ONTAP (8.2 ) the SP firmware will be bundled.

In this guide I will go through the process of upgrading a Net App cluster’s Data On Tap, RLM, disk and shelf firmware in a non-disruptive manner.

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