Updating mandrake packages

ISEC Security Research said Monday that it found a critical vulnerability in code that is used to manage virtual memory on Linux systems.

Sometimes you just need a simple test platform to check out Perl or PHP applications as either stand-alone apps and Web scripts.

We just discovered a cool open-source system that offers exactly that: Indigo Perl from Indigo Star Software.

Indigo Perl (released under the Gnu Public License, GPL) consists of the Apache Web server, Perl and PHP, along with an installer and supporting scripts Stefan Esser discovered a problem in cvs, a concurrent versions system, which is used for many Free Software projects.

If you were to make up your own list of the top 10 issues likely to affect computing over the next five to 10 years, would you include liability reform in the American legal system?

I think you should, even if you live, as I do, in Canada or some other country where American law doesn't apply directly.

Supporters of Linux, including IBM and other companies, say that SCO's interpretation of its claim over Linux is exaggerated.Now, with the release of SGI Altix 350, a new Intel Itanium 2 and 64-bit Linux OS-based server, SGI is trying to make a major impact on the landscape of the .6 billion midrange segment of this market. The 0 machines are available from the Lindows Web site and at several computer sellers across the United States.Mixing two of the hottest tech trends -- notebook computers and the Linux operating system -- Taiwanese computer maker Elite Group and San Diego, California-based Lindows have announced the deployment of more than 300,000 Linux-based laptops to the U. A few years ago, the only IT system I wasn't responsible for at a multimillion-dollar company consisted of a SCO server with an ancient accounting application maintained by the remaining representative of the company that had originally sold it.Carr's fundamental argument is that every widely used business technology conferred significant strategic advantage on early adopters but lost that potency as it matured.In his own context, he's absolutely right: Limit IT to Wintel, and IT doesn't matter; step outside his assumptions, however, and he's dead wrong.

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