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BIND can be configured as master or slave to serve the DNS request for each zone.

Setting up a name server on any GNU/Linux computer you have available is technically possible because it will not interfere with other hosts on the network or their operation.A caching name server can't replace your use of /etc/hosts to resolve hostnames on the internal network; however, compared to using an ISP or other public name server a caching name server can improve performance when resolving commonly used external names, such as com.The best part is that setting up a caching name server is quite easy.The primary has already been configured as a master for itzgeek.local domain. 604800 IN A ;; Query time: 0 msec ;; SERVER: ;; WHEN: Wed Jul 17 IST 2019 ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 140 Whenever you change a DNS record at the master server, do not forget to change the serial number in the zone file and run the following command on the master server to reload the zone.Now we will configure secondary as a slave DNS server for itzgeek.local. ( 1002 ; Serial 3H ; Refresh 15M ; Retry 1W ; Expire 1D ; Minimum TTL ) ; Name Server Information @ IN NS primary.itzgeek.local. Change itzgeek.local & 1.168.192.with your zone names.

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