Updating appliances

Not to mention, people are becoming increasingly concerned about privacy, and older phones can be more vulnerable to hacking attempts.

When you consider the fact that smart appliances are built like smartphones and tablets, and that they’re meant to work in tandem with smartphones and tablets, it raises a question.

People don’t complain too much about having to buy a new phone every few years, mostly because they don’t have much choice.

Smartphones regularly require new hardware and software to keep up with the times, and old computers tend to slow down.

These appliances may not look as good as they used to, and they probably inflate electric bills, but they’re reliable and easily serviceable.

Some of these appliances may survive for another ten or twenty years.

They also complained that LG wouldn’t offer any support for the problem.

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If anything, firmware updates should be guaranteed in the warranty.

So it’s fair to assume that a brand new appliance will last for decades, right? Let’s say that you’ve invested in a smart appliance, like the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge or an LG smart A/C unit.

You could’ve bought a cheaper appliance, maybe even a refurbished appliance from the 2000s.

After all, if your smart appliance stops working properly because it needs a firmware or hardware update, isn’t that the manufacturer’s fault?

Let’s take a quick look at the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge.

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