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Many can’t find the contacts gathered from in and out of country over many years – families, friends and other people with whom one passed pleasant time behind the webcam and mike – Many Skype subscribers have even lost their money. Personally, I have not found a way to regain my contacts, and I will not be part of the “replacement” “skype”, which I unfortunately signed up to, not suspecting it was a trap.

Furthermore, how can I possibly get my contacts back? MS has eradicated Skype, which was too good to let sane people have!

It’s easy to see where Microsoft was coming from with the re-design.

As collaboration and communication apps become more common, it’s logical that Microsoft would want to upgrade their appearance to something a little more “hip”.

“If it doesn’t need fixing, break it,” seems to be the philosophy behind the new version. What MS have in fact done is akin to Ford or GM to decide that the steering mechanism on their cars no longer becomes part of the purchase and if you want to continue driving your car, you need to renew the “license” for your steering wheel each year. I assumed it was also connected to Word somehow because I couldn’t even open it.

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I can still see the numbers, but they only appear when I look for the contact details. When they are adding functions to be more like skype.Microsoft has a history of taking over excellent products, “upgrade them” and make them absolutely non usable. Once I drain the money I still have on my Skype account I will inform everybody I care on my contacts list how to reach me otherwise and then delete the Skype and terminate my Skype account. I want to talk to people not some lump of quasi AI garbage and I can’t tell whose on/off/away.So, I put back an earlier version of Skype and all is now ok, even reinstalling that was a pain in the arse.If you’ve updated your ‘consumer’ Skype app recently, then you’ve probably got an opinion on the latest refresh, and if the latest reviews are anything to go by – it won’t be a positive one.Today’s users are complaining that the latest redesign is not only an aesthetic nightmare, it’s also less productive than the solutions that came before it.

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