Trends of interracial dating

A recent hate crime against a white teen and her black boyfriend in North Carolina served as a reminder that people in interracial relationships, especially adolescents, still experience prejudice.

Historically, interracial couples have faced numerous attacks, sometimes even from their own government. In 2005, social scientists Elizabeth Vaquera and Grace Kao published the article “Private and Public Displays of Affection Among Interracial and Intra-Racial Adolescent Couples.” Their “findings suggest that interracial couples are less likely than intra-racial couples to exhibit public and private displays of affection.” They hypothesize that part of this disparity comes from a desire to avoid negative responses: We demonstrate that youth involved in romantic interracial relationships may be using some of the techniques proposed by this theory to avoid stigmatization when in public, such as avoiding letting others know about their partner, not introducing him or her to their parents, or not holding hands in public.

(8) On the topic of physical attraction, a number of studies have shown that children of mixed ancestry are perceived to be more attractive than those who are born of same-race relationships. Whites' lay theories of racial bias predict divergent strategies for interracial interactions. Of course, with blacks bleaching their skin, whites applying self-tanner, Asians getting cosmetic surgery to make their eyes rounder, maybe that's how we satisfy our impossible need to meet the standards of "beauty" as defined by other races.(9) Evolutionary psychologists suggest that this increased attractiveness relates to greater genetic fitness in these individuals. I am in a mixed race/ethnicity marriage because you can't control who you fall in love with. I disagree that mixed race relationships are going to be the normal trend all over the world.It is known that greater genetic variation is associated with reduced incidence of certain diseases – cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease and hemophilia – all which can occur when an individual inherits two copies of the relevant defective gene. I think it would be likely that it would only be in European countries and former European colonies (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc).found that “[i]nterracial relationships are often portrayed on television as less intimate than same race relationships.” Perhaps this trend has played into interracial couples feeling pressured to tone down public displays of affection.Interracial relationships have increased significantly in both number and visibility, however, since 2005, when Vaquera and Kao published their paper. By 2017, the Pew Research Center found that the number rose to 10 percent, with 11 million interracial marriages in total.

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