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“At this point, do you wholeheartedly believe that David D’Amato is actually dead? As well as the funeral notice published in the local paper on March 18, we have a copy of his death certificate: D’Amato died due to atherosclereotic and hypertensive cardiavascular disease. Other contributing factors were diabetes and obesity.”“i hate to be insensitive, but could D’amato have faked his death to take heat off him and his actions? We debated whether to publish this information, but the question comes through daily on our social media, so it seems like it’s time to make it public.A follow-up special, The Tickle King, aired on HBO in February 2017.

After blogging about the incident, they receive legal threats from Jane O'Brien Media, who send Kevin Clarke and two other representatives to New Zealand.And, like Clarke, Peluso seemed to be receiving payments from David D’Amato to help make the Jane O’Brien Media video shoots happen.Here, for example, is a payment to Peluso of ,000: Like Clarke, Peluso also has a history in producing gay pornography, in his case under the name Dexx Jones (NSFW).Essentially, we think we should let David D’Amato rest in peace.But now it’s time to address the t’s time to meet Louis Peluso, the man behind the new Jane O’Brien Media page on Facebook, and the new website. Just know that Peluso runs the page, and he also reviewed the page himself: 5 stars.

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