Tease is in public chat

As a Guest, if you click the “subscribe” button or any button presented to you by the Bot, or write a one-on-one message to the Bot, you will automatically become a “subscriber” of the Bot and be able to send and receive messages from the Bot.At any time, you can unsubscribe from any Bot by clicking the “unsubscribe” button. Communities are group chats through which Viber Users can exchange messages and engage with one another and can include up to 1 billion Viber Users (a “Community”).the Public Chat feature provides the ability to digitally follow particular Public Chat and watch all content and other information introduced in it. The Viber Bot feature enables you to subscribe to third parties’ Bot(s) and to send and receive one-on-one messages from the Bot(s) (the “Bot”).When you visit a Bot without subscribing to it, you will be a “Guest” of the Bot.your name and profile picture, and, if you activate your location button on the chat screen, your location if you choose to attach it to your messages).1.4 When you choose to use our Services, you agree and opt-in to receive from Viber and/or Administrator notifications related to the Public Account, Public Chat, Bot and/or Communities that you choose to follow, subscribe, patriciate in, join and/or administer. The Public Accounts feature enables you to view as guests, follow or subscribe to Public Accounts, which includes the Public Chat feature (each, a “Public Account”).In addition, if you believe the content in any particular Service infringes your copyrights, you may request removal of such content (or access thereto) by contacting our designated copyright agent.Please go to the DMCA notification page to review our DMCA notification guidelines and procedures.

You must be at least 13 years old to use all Viber Services.

As a “Follower” of a Public Account, you may receive notices of updates to the content available in the Public Account and in the Public Chat included within the Public Account.

As a “Subscriber” of a Public Account, you will be able to send and receive one-on-one messages with the Public Account.

When you send a message to a Public Account you will automatically become a Subscriber of the Public Account with all that it entails.

At any time, you can “unfollow” or “unsubscribe” or both “unfollow” and “unsubscribe” from any Public Account by clicking the “unfollow” and/or “unsubscribe” button. Public Chat, is a chat feature within the Public Account feature which enables Viber Users to share content, engage in conversations and create chats that are available to the general public between other Viber Users who may have a common interest or affiliation (each a “Public Chat”).

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