Taylor swift dating nick jonas

Jonas and the 32-year-old Swiss model reportedly ended things because both wanted to do different things. Jonas and the Twilight actress met through mutual friends in 2010 and hit it off instantly.

It was hysterical," Gomez said during a visit to British radio station KISS FM this week.

And she was unhappy that her Central Park experience was ruined by the fact that I walked about 20 feet away from her,” he reminisced.“Even though [the paparazzi] were taking pictures of us and obviously we were there together, it was like, ‘It would be better if we stand about 25 feet apart.’ So it ruined her Central Park experience, so her and Taylor Swift, who was dating my brother Joe, walked 25 feet behind us as we walked through the park by ourselves,” Jonas concluded.

Naturally, that spiked the singer’s heart rate a bit.

The lovebirds were photographed together at a friend’s wedding in Malibu recently, and it looks like Turner has been readily accepted into the Jonas family, and has received the stamp of approval from the other brothers!

Jonas and Gigi Hadid were one of the ‘it’ couples of 2015.

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