Taylor swift dating la kings

"Sparks Fly" was actually first written when she was 16 was only performed during some live shows in 2007.

After reworking the lyrics and melody, it ended up on , but it was changed after the president of her label thought the themes of the songs were less about fairy-tales and more about real life.19.

Taylor jokingly offered to go with her friend to the ceremony to interrupt the wedding, with her guitar of course.

"Teardrops on My Guitar" became Taylor's first official crossover song when it hit high positions on both country and pop charts.5."Breathe" is actually about the end of a friendship, not a relationship.Taylor told co-writer Colbie Caillat this about the inspiration behind the song: "One of my best friends, I'm gonna have to not see anymore and it's not gonna be part of what I do. "Love Story," "Picture to Burn," and "You Belong With Me" are all playable songs on intentionally, because the last line of the song is "play it again." Taylor thought that would be a little nudge for fans to play the album all over again.37."Love Story" is Taylor's best-selling single to date, selling well over 5 million copies.6.Taylor wrote "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" after a friend of her ex-boyfriend's came into the studio and said he heard rumors that she was getting back together with her former flame.

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