Spiritual vegan dating

Sometimes my delivery is too dry for people to realize I'm joking..watching the five second delay as someone gets it! Love all animals and the wilderness, gardening, hiking, nature,snorkeling, cooking, photography, art, reading, NPR Moth RH, DIY, recycle repurpose... 2 acres are a cat sanctuary for homeless/feral cats, the rest is jungle/natural wilderness, birds, trees.... I used to play the flute (a hundred years ago or so) and have just recently started again! i am learning to read and write hindi (devanagari). I also lead a disciplined and moderate lifestyle and am not bored easily.

I also enjoy a nice cuddle, going for walks, deep, and not so deep discussions It's about leaving this place better than it is, and helping ALL those in need. I was a kayak guide/naturalist/boat captain/cook in Alaska 15 years ago, then moved to Hawaii to help start a green business. I grew up as a dog person, then ran with wolves in Alaska.(ok, walked and kayaked...). i love bollywood, even though i've seen a lot of terrible movies. My interests include reading, exercising, walking in cities, travel, coffee shops, cooking, world cinema, classical music Well-rounded, eclectic and baggage-free describes me well. What I have to offer is the man I have become through this journey in life & a heart filled with Love to share.

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I'm a minimalist one who advocate anything that's conducive to love and simplicity...

I have a dog, so spending a lot of time with him )) I`m working at vegan store in Moscow. WHAT I'M TEMPTED TO SAY, IN HONOR OF ALL GREAT SELF-DESCRIPTIONS THAT HAVE COME BEFORE ME..."my glass is always half full..baggage!I also have a complex side to me however, it's more so towards my cooking.Although I welcome strangers who can potentially become friends I adore animals more in fact the more I get to know people the more I love & respect the simplicity of anmials.The daily yoga and meditation I practise and everything else I do are spontaneously guided and effortless. Stimulating conversation and silly banter makes for lots of laughs and a life well lived. I read, mess with the cat, take hot baths, drink a cup of tea, light a candle, catch a drama, documentary, Westworld, Indie or a foreign flick. SF is my home town - having lived here for 25 years - but high on my list is to visit Scandinavia part of the year. I even love to ride on a motorcycle, but as I get older, I think - yeah, dangerous.Yoga has given me a youthful, strong, supple body and a spirit to match that belie my age. I'm generally in bed early so I can work out the next day. I am pretty shy, and nervous around people I do not know, and have never done online dating before.

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