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We’ve been writing short updates at but nothing that explores the ideas behind Planning Corps.

Co Lab Radio seems like a good place to have a longer discussion.

Another strength of working with TA is that they have an ambitious scope, but specific projects.

So we can plug Planning Corps into the TA process and talk about making a street better, and everyone present knows that TA will be able to carry those ideas beyond the meeting room.

We looked at groups like 1% for Design and Architecture for Humanity, and wondered how a similar model could work for planners.

It’s clear that street design or data mapping skills can be applied in relatively unknown situations, but that’s not true of the ‘softer’ skills planners are good at.

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We actually had the first conversation at a workshop to collaboratively map out planning processes.Can organizations really benefit from working with Planning Corps, given the briefness of involvement and the unpredictability of volunteer planners who attend?We’re still trying to work some of these questions out, but we were very lucky with the first few sessions.Starting out, I think we both wanted to facilitate connections between non-profit organizations with projects and planners with skills.I thought it important to connect to non-profits that have a mission that is public in scope and works towards change.

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