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-: NNA -The biggest suspension bridge on the Continent, and tlurd biggest in the world, has been ojwncd bv the Austrian President. ESTIMATED COST £1,000,000,000 A ciimplctc programme of new trunk motor roads connecting all the principal towns in Great Britain would probably cost anything up to / ' Stretching across the Danube m Vienna, the bridge has a total length of 1,100 yards. and involved 12,000 tons of steel, and 300,000 lbs. \n attempt to solve the traffic problems of London in the way that New York was dealing with them, on the lines of the regional plan of 1929 with its 40-year programme, involving some 1,700 miles of parkways, boulc\ards, etc., would cost even more — if it woie possible at all. Visitors are shown the cottage where he lived and his grave in the little cemetery, and many a story is told of his exploits. Mis runaway marriage with an eighteen -years' old village belle was an outstanding e\eiit in his life. and he and the bride- to-be slipped .leiiiss the Border at night to {'.fetna (.ic'ii, and III the luorniiig tliey weiv ^^.■.l stones r. General Goring is made a field-marshal, but remains Air Minister.

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Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance.

The crisis, which reached its climax to-night, followed closely on the marriage of Field-Marshal von Blomberg to his 29-years-old secretary, which, it is understood, caused dissatisfaction in the Army, although Herr Hitler and Gen. "DEEPEST THANKS" Herr Hitler has sent a letter to Field-Marshal Baron von Blomberg expressing " deepest thanks for five years of most loyal co-operation." The official announcement states that his retirement, like that of General von Fritsch, is due to reasons of health.

Offictal quarters (n Berlin characterise to-night's sweep- ing changes as typical ol the Nazi movement, and claim that by them the party has gained new momentum and strength.

But up in the mountainous frontier Haitians and Dominicans continued kill- ing each other with crude weapons, just as have been doing every weeik since the first of October. it mass murder, esti- iinlcd that eight thousand of his citizens have been slain on Dominican soil. lour s; Cln-=J 3 n.m lo 4 p.m LUCKNOW (Renter).— Cricket: United Provmces. # Its scope includes the Motor Body Building branch of the industry and it gives suggestions for the design and furnishing and data for the construction of motor bodies and coachworli. FRj XJJKFOET.- A Lufthansa plane on the Mil an- Amsterdam service crashed yesterday at Rheiomain, the six occu- pants— all German— ibeing killed SHANGHAI.— The Canton-Hankow ex- press was derailed at Suichow, Pwing, yesterday, the road bed having subsided. The establishment was closed for the season and no residents were in- volved. almost overnigiu, on his aceession, ■• [I was as it the prayers of his peaplc il liccii truly .i MMveretl. Ihc poet i Lturiled and iiilci L the ditlv to t hem- Hums look part in the capture of the luij; Pulling himself at the head of the drayi Hiiis Miirii thev arrived, he wailed swoni in lian.i to tlie vessel anil was the lii Nt II. relates that when a Spanish Armada galleon drove ashore on the Cumbrian fortj' small sheep, the sole sur- swam ashore. Next to this was the George Washington bridge at New York with its span of 3.500 ft.

Trujilio, strong man of the West Indies, leferred to the outbreaks as a local incident. BOMBAY.— The first experimental uir raid block-out in India last night ended two days of naval and military air manceuvres designed to represent an at- tack on the city. CROYDON.— Sir Robert Abdy and his wife ivere yesterday fined £05 on charges relative to smuggling jewels from Paris. His coiiruleiice ■w ; his talin anil his dignity of jjiirpouf. u in^lii H Iim-Iv that he would never l.t \' |,l.ii„l lupih'i ui U l.riii;: him innre wraltl, , Mi Mi. ,..-- than talk to take up the industrial welfare scheme and visit factories. y are smaller than other sheep, with longer fleeces which protect them in the harsh winter, when they are often buried in snow for days. When he w;ls in New York engineers connected with these bridges iiifoniied him that a scheme was being prepared for a bridge across the entrance to New York harbour, with a span of 4,600 ft.

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