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You can easily use this to plan a get-together with your Skype contacts by sharing details and locations of a place.

As you have guessed, this bot looks for Getty images from your search queries.

Developed by Microsoft, the Bing Music Preview is a quality bot on Skype.

It enables you to search for music on popular sites like You Tube, Vevo, Lyric Find and much more.

Although the number of headlines is limited to 3, you get them along with web links.

And, as you have guessed, the news headlines are provided by Bing.

You are asked a lot of questions even before you start, thus giving you the actual experience of talking to Doctor Strange.Overall, if you are the kind of person who likes sharing music videos to your Skype mates, you should surely try this out.Another bot by Microsoft, the Bing News Preview provides you with headlines in your Skype inbox.Skype has been at the forefront when it comes to Vo IP based communication services.Available as an all-in-one communication service, it is available on all the major platforms like Android, i OS, Windows and mac OS.

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