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ML is never a hostile ghost - he's usually just chilling in the scenarios minding his own business until XZY comes along and starts chasing ML due to his pretty face (XZY has this condition where he loves beautiful people LOL).

(Another side note, XZY doesn't actually do that much chasing, ML always likes him and takes care of him.

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the idea of players in the same place participating in two different games is something I haven't read before so for me, this is new idea and I'm loving it. so far the doll one is the only one that's really creeped me out but that's because I find dolls disturbing on the best of days (i would always cry as a little kid when people gave me dolls; those empty staring I thought this was 'completed'. LOL Anyway, I feel like it's really hard to get attached to any of the characters here. The blend of horror, comedy, and romance was very enjoyable, however. Explainations are given for the MCs system why the different MLs exist why each ML likes the MC more and more. Cons: Unsatisfying Ending, loose ends, countless questions left unanswered. MC: MC isn't those super smart, solving everything with intelligence and faceslapping type of MC. Call him shallow, and he'll probably laugh and go, yeah. The author got around a lot of problems with the MC going "I'm too stupid to understand. Cute story premise, MC plays a romance game with a slight horror feel, everybody else tries to survive in a play or die world. Personality wise, the MLs are controlling, I want you to stay with me, but I'll let you go because I love you and want to make you happy type. Although sometimes, they feel as if they're different MLs, but then again, that's the thing with world-hopping. The author just wasn't really able to flesh it out.Final thing, it's the same ML in each world, though different scenarios. I'm not opposed to characters that indirectly kill others because they're stupid.Sun Mo - vengeful spirit in schoolyard setting, Auston - half water demon in luxury cruise setting, Mo - humanoid puppet in a puppet village, Gu Zhe - creator the of the secret chamber (which is the setting), Shen Ci - hospital director Since the couple is BOSS/MC, don't worry, boss hubby doesn't die. ) Though, XZY does try to help other players survive when he can, and BOSS hubby is not an evil ghost so he doesn't personally go around killing players. All in all, I found this novel really amusing to read, and I also do love horror and thriller, so I am super excited to bring this project to you! Now, I don’t usually leave reviews this early but I’m pissed that someone rated this 1 star for no good reason. I love how the MC is enjoying his time playing a dating sim and capturing his man... Haha Thank you for translating and sharing this novel !!!! I just can't stand it when it's the MC (or ML, but that's not the case here), without it being a significant plot point, and preferably that they're repentant. there doesn't seem to be inherent value in this plot point since MC already realises the others are probably playing a horror game, and this MC just seems a bit too dumb and/or shameless (but definitely not too prideful) to repent for the deaths he caused in pursuit of ML when he'll find out in the future, so he probably won't have any emotional grievances that could create a plot point on their own.

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