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From environmentalists to Beach Boy fans, the Secretary of the In­ terior was deemed to have stuck his foot in his mouth one too many times. ''I'm sure that what Jim really meant to say was that ... Dustin Hoffman wore drag in his role as "Tootsie" but it wasn't enough to get him the Oscar for Best Actor. " Extra-Strength Tylenol was not too reli­ able of a pain-reliever the latter part of Sep­ tember and early October after seven people died from ingesting cyanide-laced capsules. The honor went to Ben Kingsley for his por­ trayal of "Ghandi". In the old days across the Palouse hills There was a legend the trappers told 2 . Did I hear someone say that Economics should be a science? The race for the Democratic presidential nomination began to heat up and at last count there were 328 candidates running. From Washington to Colorado to the Virgin Islands, water flowed in abnormal amounts, as did the federal aid to rebuild the areas. Melinda - federal Way, BACT Calvin, Nancy - CI.,lmon. Gamini - Sri Lanka, Coll On, Kathr}-n - DOlh Ell, Oi, I'I. The problem being that while everyone might understand what the words may consist ofindividually , no one can agree to what happens when they all come together at once.

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Washington State basketball will survive the loss of its leader. - Troy Bull 21 There's a Real World Out There Although few seem to recognize the fact, there is a real world Out there. military advisor, things began to more closely resemble the Vietnam II, 'radicals' had been warning us about for years. The little tyke make it through his first year with travels to Australia and points in between. His squads struggled through seasons of 6-20, 8-21 and 10-16. He will work his players, the ref­ erees and the crowd with an intensity rarely found. When George Raveling came to Washing­ ton State, the Cougars were the doormats of the then Pacific-8 Conference . He produced excitement in a school that was tired of being at the bottom of its league. He came to Washington State and turned an up-and-down program into a winner.

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