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The second rule deals with a legacy from earlier PHP versions.Never, ever, ever, ever use register globals PHP now has super globals and it is HIGHLY recommended to use them.This article is by no means a complete security run down, simply and explanation of a single facet of securing your scripts.At the absolute least, variables must be checked for type and length. The origin of all your input is usually the form on your page.

When the form page is first accessed, these variables are not set, so the default message Please fill in the form above is displayed.The correct tool for this is mysql_real_escape_string.Without this small piece of checking, your SQL queries are open to SQL injection attacks.This is due to you not checking if a variable is set. You should not use empty() to check if a variable is set because empty() will return FALSE if the variable is zero.My personal preference is to check ALL variables with isset() and then check any variables I wish to be sure have a value with empty(). Here is a complete script using the information an examples from above.

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