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The O’Reilly Factor Summary: Bill O’Reilly (Darrell Hammond) puts the wrong spin on the day’s major issues, includinf a grand jury investigation and Harriet Miers’ nomination. Sheryl Crow performs “Good Is Good”First Performed: 96b.Weekend Update with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Summary: A drunken Harriet Miers (Rachel Dratch) admits that no one in the Bush administration is qualified for their jobs.

There are only so many bandages a fantasy squad can administer.She is, however, married to former major-leaguer Casey Daigle. Find: Photos of the former pro player This former women's soccer superstar married the former MLB shortstop and they are parents to twin girls. She announced her retirement from competition after the 2012 Olympics so she and Matt can concentrate on starting a family. Search: Photos of the volleyball star Angels pitcher C. "She's a great influence on me and we have a lot of stuff in common," Wilson told Sports Illustrated. Her sister, Valerie Gagne, is former closer Eric Gagne's wife. Search: Check out photos of the model Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland married this lady in the 2012 offseason. The wrestler, also a Playboy model, is friends with George Clooney's latest girlfriend, Stacy Keibler.She was the June 2007 Playboy Playmate and has had roles on TV shows including "CSI: NY" and "Deal or No Deal." Bing: Who is Sizemore's girlfriend?Search: Check out photos of the model The 5-foot-9 beauty was Miss Missouri 2007 and is the new Mrs. The Giants pitcher and his new bride will split time between his homes in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Search: See photos of the former beauty queen Baseball doesn't have cheerleaders, so Phillies slugger Ryan Howard had to go to Lincoln Financial Field (next door to Citizens Bank Park) to meet this Eagles cheerleader.

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