Red galleria speed dating

It was located between the parks Celebration Street and Stratos Fear Screamer tower ride.Adrenaline Family Entertainment sold the park on January 5, 2012, to General Attractions LLC, a company created by the former owners of the park who previously sold the park in 2008.

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The park was renamed Splash Adventure for its 2012 opening season.Also for 2012, three new attractions were added to the water park.One of their new attractions was called the "Mist-ical Maze" where in this attraction you go through a maze that has trigger water chutes and many other surprises.Southland Entertainment sold the park to Adrenaline Family Entertainment, a group of former executives of Six Flags in 2008.In 2009, the park announced the first major expansion since 2005, and the first to Splash Beach since 2004.

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