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Joey had a lot of lady friends on the show, but his one significant relationship was with Rachel.

Towards the end of the series, Joey developed feelings for his close friend — and best friend’s ex-girlfriend — and things got awkward.

The two ultimately ended things and stayed good friends. We first learn of Barry in episode one after Rachel runs out on their wedding.Shortly after their breakout, Rachel found out she was pregnant, and her friends suspected it was Tag, a red sweater that looked like his was left behind.In fact, Phoebe was convinced it was him until he showed up wearing the red sweater and Ross claimed the one that was left behind.He didn’t have any qualifying experience for the job, but Rachel hired him anyway because he was “so pretty.” At the time, Rachel didn’t think her attraction would be an issue, but the two ended up dating shortly after his start date.Tag was younger than Rachel, and the couple ultimately wanted different things, so they parted ways.

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