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Putting on your profile that you’re only on the site because your friend is making you, someone dared you or because you lost a bet is only going to put off your potential dates.

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Would you respond to someone who hasn’t posted a photo? You don’t want it to look too contrived, but you do want a great photo that really represents what you look like. Usually, the desire to do this comes from a good place.Everyone knows that it’s hard to find a good date online.You have to weed through all kinds of weirdos, guys just looking for a hookup and everything in between, but you don’t need to complain or rant about it in your profile.For example, if you aspire to be a real outdoorsy woman who loves to camp and hike on the weekends in order to catch that sexy outdoorsman, but you’re actually the type that likes to sleep in and go to brunch with your girlfriends type of woman, be honest about that.If the outdoorsy man of your dreams contacts you and later finds out that you don’t really want to spend your weekend in a tent, he will be disappointed and probably at least a little upset that you weren’t up front about it, to begin with.

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