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Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital Self-Enrollment Abrazo Arrowhead Campus Self-Enrollment Abrazo Central Campus Self-Enrollment Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Self-Enrollment Abrazo West Campus Self-Enrollment Abrazo Maryvale Campus (HISTORY ONLY - hospital closed) Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital Log In Abrazo Arrowhead Campus Log In Abrazo Central Campus Log In Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Log In Abrazo West Campus Log In Abrazo Maryvale Campus (HISTORY ONLY - hospital closed) If you use an an i Phone, you can access this hospital’s health records.Follow these steps: All patients can sign up for patient portal access.You simply need to provide a valid email address and an acceptable form of ID, which can include: Some results will be delivered into the patient portal as soon as they are resulted and entered into your electronic health record. Results post to the portal even if they were done as an outpatient or Emergency Department visit.The patient portal can be accessed on any browser and any device with internet.Soon after, you will receive an email invite that will provide a link to establish your own login and password information.

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You can also enroll after your registration process.

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