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Swipe to meet Because they speed up what is a “slow and arduous task” for some – meeting and connecting with new people – technology-enabled platforms have become a virtual bar for singles to lurk in and look for a potential partner.

“Essentially, all Tinder does is facilitate an introduction between two mutually interested people.This is probably because the system works: swiping left (also, clicking an ‘X’) or swiping right (clicking a heart icon) can become habit-inducing.“Each day, there at 1.5 billion profile ratings (swipes) on Tinder, which result in more than 22 million matches,” according to Rosette Pambakian, vice president for corporate communications and branding.But singles who are looking to stay-in for apparent reasons need not despair.A fraction of the population has actually already been turning to an alternative that evades Metro Manila traffic, embarrassing menu choices, and awkward first meetings: online dating.

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