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1 Authorities fear *he ha* been ' kidnapped and slain. Ell«heth Human has admitted hiring a man for to po*e aa her son while she masqueraded a* her daughter-inlaw to obtain an i annulment In Ventura. Crown’s case Ihl* week V Total number of unemployi^ Wardiop was stabbed the Silver Th registered ihi* w «.

Baby Choked By Wringer Karloff -Vi Vrp Hurf, Tiro . When rocket n»en *uc Tey Install a receiving set in m lifting not only Pres I W «.loimc, h«T. - smile' ■’ Condemned Man Wins New Trial art ROBERTS. of the claims pay aeitlon of provocation and evidence of day the National Employment Ser damage to the Jury as rommenlin vice, who gave up their day ^jf^^,jvely as he summarised with the BC off for the ovartime work. .fame* M- hethcr he reache.s this jj,|j tj|*hop of Victoria not Bi-shop Hill wa* assisted by tour rtlrectmn of G. (vtth a 0 »kln divers (jj^nd Knight of Victoria Gouncil 12«.

Supercon- Btetlatlon carrying 67 p Muen- gem and rrew landed safely here after one lire of the plane'* twin no Meparture Bay.

marine direr ’ Re* tor of Black Ball, said if this *hip* wa* the case "it change* the *ufa j picture entirely ” and there I* tied i "no doubt" the development A meeiing belween^r minor In- Jtirte* sustained when a Vant TKiver bmind Greyhound bus slid Into a truck on the highway three miles east of Princeton.

Inaugural me**ilng of city council will be held at city hall at 2 p.m. WHIl the p«r qunise and beige, poly* plastic shade Brass Rase l.

Kartorrs niece HASLEMERE, England— Bor U _ ^ vas found with serious throat injuries Thursday night lear the slain bodies of her two schoolboy sons.

w ho was boi n near Dauphin, Man and lived i in Vancouver before coming here .

[ Mr* Olga Duncan was last seen Nov 17 when she left ! I Duncan and hi* expectant ' twife Beoarated two week* FFATHTON (CP)— dihn Morrinofi, 44, was committed Friday for Jury trial, rharged with attempted mur- d«T In the Aug.

Club* expect ih Score* of good quality trees 2.500 tree* to b are available from the Gf Cdler Sunday night Vleto Tla Retarded Chlfdren'* youth project* v Association stand at Hlllakle member!

C/s Century Vancouver h Urnt Ts Leading IHeuapaper Since 1858 W CKKT* OAILV U CCNT* ■t KOAI 28 PACES VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19. 9— l Ol Kt YEAR ,500,000 Job Will Start Soon Plane Unidentified Secret Missile Blasted by Jet Over Atlantic V A N CX) U V K R (CP)— Plans were an- nounctxl yesterday for a .5(X).000 mountain resort to l)e estal)lish(*d on the verge of nearly' Garibaldi Park and served by the world's long- est aerial gondola tramwav. Kuro K7H7fooi Mnunt ilarihaldi mv«*stois ral s fcii a In addition to ihe hotel, lo hotel at *he ht KJOlixif level on he l•a! ing b»* moiher in court, said faking an annulment by poa unaware of ihe annul ing an her own daughter in j,,, mother * arrest law. The charge* filed by Dia trirt Attorney Vern Thomas climaxed a month long inves- of the SANTA BARBARA. (API — Thi-ee persona were charged Friday with conspir acy 10 commit murder and kid napping In the disappearance of a Canadlan bom nurse.

l^Ml the Rojal Alpine, Brohm Hidpe .15 mile* noilh the plan rails fnr iwo dormi of Vancouvei wrved h\ a six tones a«km wrecked the crowded I.* Kondu r«w- tourunt, killing ut len*t four person*.

Special Bullet Tri lamps, in brasa with walnut insert Reading bul let.

Complete The Lovely FAIRVIEW Group TORONTO rtma Ber Soii, author of Klondike, has signed a contract with Zlv Televlaion.

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