Parker guitar dating serial number

The new Eko Infinito features a genuine Italian Alpine Spruce top, National Walnut fingerboard and bridge, Okoumè neck.

For back and sides, we decided to use the Okoumè treated with ETS (Eko Tanning System) again.

The last digit ranges from 3The letters after the serial indicate the woods used.

So the serial number shown above 227086BMH for instance says 227th day in 1994 = August 15th 08 = eighth guitar produced that day 6 = 1996 BMH=Basswood Neck, Mahogany Body.

Dating a pre refined Parker Fly guitar: The serial number on a Fly reveals its date of manufacturing and much more.

Parker Fly guitars made before 2003 use a six digit serial: The first three digits indicate the day that particular year, followed by the number of this guitar on that day (2 digits) and concluded by the year (one digit).

So there won‘t be any ribbon cable problems in future anymore!

3) I've heard that Parker is now offering new versions of the Fly Deluxe, Fly Classic, Fly Artist and Fly Supreme guitars with a coil tap, improved electronics, a new control layout, improved internal balance wheel, easier battery access and point-to-point wiring in the control cavity.

Is it possible to upgrade my Fly guitar with any of these new features?

Also I didn‘t manage to short cut the broken parts with conductive silver coating (the conductive paths are so near to each other, so the the coating always touched the next path no matter how careful I covered it with tape).

In the end it took me more than two years to find someone willing to sell me an unharmed set of ribbon cables that I installed.

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