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But there's no cause for alarm — at least not right away.

The CBS crime drama isn't canceled effective immediately, or even at the end of the traditional television season in May. Showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer told TV Insider in October 2018 that she didn't "have the endgame in mind yet." However, she did ask for a heads up from her bosses when cancellation became an inevitability.

was plagued by more than its share of ugly and embarrassing scandals over the years. ABC Studios, a division of the ABC television network, produces It would be hard to keep a show on CBS when the showrunner has a lucrative deal at a production company owned by a rival network.

Original cast member (and arguably the show's lead actor) Thomas Gibson got himself fired in 2016 after 11 seasons playing Aaron Hotchner when a heated discussion with writer/producer Virgil Williams escalated into the actor kicking Williams. ABC would probably prefer to keep its talent in-house, and have Messer produce shows exclusively for networks in the ABC family. While Netflix and Hulu can host a seemingly infinite number of options, networks are constrained by time.

Conversely, last-minute re-ups generally indicate a network that's wishy-washy on its decision, meaning a show is likely nearing its end. Club what actually happened — a CBS executive called then-showrunner Edward Allen Bernero with an order to replace the fired actresses with younger ones.

Deadline reported in May 2018 that the It may also represent a symbolic break with the CBS of yore, the one controlled by disgraced CBS Corporation chairman and CEO Les Moonves. Bernero ultimately quit, and Brewster and Cook eventually returned to the show.

CBS's evening schedule consists of three hours of programming every night of the week, and four on Sundays.

That's only 22 total hours of TV, and even within that limited amount of space, there isn't much turnaround.

If enough people watch a show, a network can charge companies big bucks to advertise their products during that show.

However, there are only so many twisted murderers, demented cult leaders, and creepy kidnappers out there in the verse, and the show's brave and dedicated law enforcement officials may have just about rounded up the last of them. Even the best series can and eventually do run out of ideas at some point, and having passed the 300 episode benchmark makes this a logical, understandable time to close up the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

' time come, but it's out of step with other law enforcement shows on the air.

That's a big fall from the 2008-09 season, when The longer a show sticks around, the more expensive it is to produce.

Actors can earn more money each time they re-negotiate their contracts to stick around for a few more seasons.

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