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This ensures that all communication inside the server is encrypted, and can’t be accessed by anyone other than the users in the server.The cool thing about this is that encryption can be enabled server-wide, but it can also be enabled for specific conversations.

It also comes with an in-game overlay, like the others in this list, which can be very useful as well.

Personally, I’ve used Discord quite a bit while playing CS: GO, and sometimes even Fortnite, and most of the gamers here at Beebom depend on Discord to communicate during their PUBG matches. Players can create custom hotkeys, and use Discord as an in-game overlay.

The overlay feature is pretty useful, because it allows players to have a seamless interaction with both the game that they are playing, as well as all of the people they are communicating with, using Discord.

Pros: Overtone is another great voice chat app for gamers which you can use to connect with your friends while playing games.

The app is simple to use and it’s based on Vivox, one of the best integrated voice chat service that is used by popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, etc.

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