Ovechkin dating tennis player

The Capitals posted 51 times across its Chinese language social media accounts during the trip, which generated 792,351 impressions.

“We know Alex is a global superstar and that he is so engaging, especially when you get a chance to see what he does first-hand on the ice,” Van Stone said. Packaging, the latter which is also an NHL league-level partner.

“Within our plan to grow hockey in China, engaging with our players and bringing them over to promote the sport is a logical next step,” said David Proper, NHL executive vice president of media and international strategy.

“Ovechkin was a player that was always high on our list to be the first one.” On the ground in Beijing, Ovechkin was accompanied by a fleet of NHL and Washington Capitals content creators who chronicled his every move, as well as David Abrutyn, a partner at Bruin Sports Capital and who personally oversees Ovechkin’s off-ice marketing interests.

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To date, the NHL’s video of Ovechkin’s trip to China has had more than 8.7 million video views.“I can’t tell you whether or not if Alex went to China three or four years ago if there would have been the same reaction, but I tend to think it wouldn’t have been,” Proper said.Young professional athletes usually have no problem finding rabid fans, big-dollar endorsement deals and nightly appearances on Sports Center.But the airport wasn’t Washington Dulles or Reagan National Airport; rather it was Beijing Capital International Airport, where Ovechkin was traveling to serve as an ambassador for the league in China, the first time that an active NHL player has taken such a trip.The NBA has long been the leader among North American sports leagues in China thanks to its outreach and as well as the success of Yao Ming.

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