Online dating with virgin men dealing with intimidating employees

I think OLD is fine for people who are already adept at dating in real life, but can be horrible experiences for those who don't have experience.You may have to put some miles on the odometer in order to get out.Never really seemed like that big of a deal that I wasn't dating and doing all of the things that "normal" people do.About a year or so ago however, it all hit me at once.I'm on meds now, and I must say that it completely changed my perspective on many things.Insurmountable obstacles just didn't seem like a big deal any more.

I'm not hot, but far from ugly, yet I feel completely incapable of attracting a woman. Should I go pick out a few cats and just resign myself to my fate? Even worse, I've never even so much as held a girl's hand. I mean don't get me wrong, I always had desires, but it just didn't seem worth the effort to put myself out there, considering that my self confidence was/is pretty low.

My point, you are 30, although you may have inexperience, you definitely have not missed the boat. You mention that you're from a small town, you may want to try traveling. Maybe drive there one weekend or maybe even consider relocating if reasonable. Join a gym, get a new hobby, learn a new instrument, learn a new language, read self help books, anything.

Make sure you have enough to preoccupy yourself with things that you can do to boost your self esteem.

All of a sudden, I wanted all those "normal" things. I'm afraid I haven't been any more successful in the past year than I had been the first 29 though.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I simply missed the boat.

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