Oab not updating exchange 2016 ccr

Now the problem is becoming visible to all users and will eventually become a support issue for the client.Further Troubleshooting Let’s see where the OAB generating mailbox is and if the database is mounted.However, the OAB files aren't replicated as part of this process.

After much investigation, it seems that error is basically because the client can't find the relevent OAB files on my CAS server.All my virtual directories and URLs were fine, and the OAB was being generated fine without any issues. I couldn’t find any references of this occurring to other users.I finally discovered that the “Web Distribution Enabled” configuration flag was marked to False, when it needs to be marked as True.Investigating the event log on the CAS server throws up several errors from the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service: Process MSExchange (PID=1500).Could not find directory \E2K7EXCS02\Exchange OABdc5977-0a50-4506-ad04-7081c945f618. This is normal if the directory has never been generated.

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