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Between allows you to keep a shared calendar with special dates, send romantic messages to each other, and even store memorable photos and videos.

Keep the privacy of your relationship between (pun intended) you and your partner.

Even if couples don’t end up taking on any of the challenges (and “beware—nothing is taboo,” according to the app), it can’t help but spur more open communication about desires.

In today’s society, couples are all about compatibility and healthy habits, from astrology signs to Myers-Briggs Type and everything in between.

If you think the quest for ~connectivity~ ends at "I do," you're missing out.

This couples budget app totally lives up to its sweet name.

We’ve all read that New York Times article about the 36 questions that, when answered, will supposedly make two strangers fall in love.

Couple Game answers the question “How well do you know me,” with the goal of getting to know each other better.

With everything clear and figured out, you and your partner can spend less time arguing and more time... Some couples join their bank accounts, while others keep things separate.

If you’re in the latter category, Venmo makes it easier to pay each other back for anything from groceries to your mortgage.

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