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In this case she's helping a young woman get over the death of her mother who was a noted surgeon.

At that point she loses her father in a fiery autocrash.

When a Hollywood film crew comes to shoot in Lawrenceton, and the film's star is found poisoned and bludgeoned in her dressing room, crime-solving librarian Aurora Teagarden enlists members...

See full summary » Hallmark started yet another series with an amateur women detective in this film A Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love.

She's a former prosecutor who has now become a psychotherapist.

She's no stranger to police work and procedure.

Additionally, some of the of the other female actors wear odd combinations.

Anyhow, I should be able to watch and not be distracted by wardrobe.

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While being questioned by the police, the character of Lance Hunter says he was in Gwinnett and he pronounced it as Gwin-it.

Kelly Martin, especially, looks awful in most of her clothing.

I feel like there are so many other options that would look more flattering on her.

But for the mystery I had it figured almost from the beginning.

The second Dean film and there've been only two was much better than the first one.

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