Ms project percent complete not updating

I will have a close look at the Percentage complete entities within Microsoft Project There are % complete, % work complete fields and then there is also something called Physical % complete.In the field I get asked about the differences between the 3 fields on a regular basis.Example The "Write proposal" task is scheduled for a duration of 10 days.The assigned resources have been working on the task for five days.Percent (%) Complete (task-timephased field) Entry Type Calculated or entered How Calculated When a task is first created, the timephased percent complete is zero.As soon as you enter actual duration, remaining duration, or actual work (which affects actual duration), Project calculates percent complete as follows: Percent Complete = (Actual Duration / Duration) * 100 This total percent complete is then divided and distributed across the duration completed so far.You can control whether changes to total percent complete are distributed through the status date or to the end of the task's actual duration so far. When you enter percent complete, Project might adjust actual and remaining work around the current status date.If you prefer, you can leave these tracking fields in the project as originally scheduled, even if completed work is shown in the future or remaining work is shown in the past.

Just like the description on the field tells us, it only reports progress on the tasks duration.Project calculates that the task is 50 percent complete.In addition, you had estimated a duration of three days for the "Conduct client meetings" task.Likewise, entering a value in the Actual Duration or Remaining Duration field automatically recalculates the other fields.Best Uses Add the % Complete field to a task sheet when you want to display, filter, or edit the percent complete for a task.

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