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Along the works of invited artists, there were many video compilations of films, performance and happenings presented by Central Asian artists from the end of the 1990s and beginning of 2000.List of exhibitors in the Central Asia Pavilion: Biennale organizers had reportedly invited the country in past years, but the government had declined, a decision attributed to a lack of communication between the culture ministry and the country's National Gallery of Modern Art.The Venice Biennale is an international art biennial exhibition held in Venice, Italy.Often described as "the Olympics of the art world", participation in the Biennale is a prestigious event for contemporary artists.The law before parliament, which is to replace tolerant case law, contains strict provisions on the prohibition, authorisation and declaration of ancillary activities and makes the incompatibility rules stricter.

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The Biennale parent organization also hosts regular festivals in other arts: architecture, dance, film, music, and theater.

No other public office or post, no other career or profession, no post as director, manager or member of a body running a lucrative establishment, no post assigned or title or declaration awarded by foreign authorities May not sit as an arbitrator or engage in any lucrative professional activity (save writing or editing) or any professional activity (save writing or editing) or any political activity; substantial restrictions also apply when a judge has left office Family proximity, to have been lawyer or representative; commercial or economic legal relationship.

To have had a litigation with a Party or his lawyer, interest in the object of the litigation, hierarchical or friendly relationship.

For this participation, David Alfaro Siqueiros was awarded the 1st prize to foreign artists.

The national participation was interrupted until 2007.

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